Jyoti Nair Biography

Jyoti Nair

Jyoti Nair's Biography

A native of India, Jyoti Nair found her desire and inspiration for bright colors and art during her childhood in the Indian culture. Her fascination came through the diversity and splash of colors while in India.

“I still remember coming to America and for the first time seeing aisles and aisles of makeup… I had never seen so much makeup in my life before… that’s when I felt the passion and love for makeup. As an adult, I knew that I wanted to be a makeup artist.”

Jyoti Nair with Actess/Model Anya Monzikova
Jyoti with Actress/Model Anya Monzikova

Over the years she assisted some of the world’s most influential make-up artist such as Laura Mercier, Billy B., and Bobbi Brown. During Jyoti's eight years of artistry she has worked editorials, in television, runway shows, movies, and formal ceremonies. Jyoti’s list of accomplishments include working with Taraji Henson, Nona Gaye, Boris Kodjoe, Sean Young, Nelly, and Toccara Jones.